Auto self-test function, testing button & status LED
Suited for Constant Current LEDs
Deep discharge protection. Polarity reversed connecting
plug. Short- & open circuit proof.
Mains identification and adjustment of changeover voltage
Maximum open circuit voltage of LED driver 120 V
The duration of emergency light is depending on the
approved lamp, determined by the capacity of the batteries.
At intervals of about 3 months battery is automatically
discharged and recharged.

Emergency Mode:
Upon failure of rated voltage the LED module will be
switched from LED driver to emergency unit
and powered by batteries.
Once mains returns LED module will be switched back
to LED driver


Model Iout Vout Pout PF Certification
EVUL10W200 UNI 110 mA, 150 mA, 200 mA 10-50 V 1.1-10 W 0.65 C