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Tunable white | DALI-2 DT8

linear built-in CC



• Current setup by NFC
• 350-1050 mA
• 2-Channel tunable white
• DALI-2- or opt. RF Control
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• New technology
• Optimized price/performance
• Linear design
• 100.000 h and 5 years warranty


Comprehensive Portfolio
Customized Solutions
Smart Dimming Technologies
Full Cerftification
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Technical Specification

The table shown contains the main technical data of the driver. For more information on this specific driver, please see the respective datasheet linked under the table.
220-240 V
360 x 30.4 x 21.5 mm
Model Irated Urange Prated PF Ripple
LADC45W1050N-T2CH 350-1050 mA 20-50 Vdc 7-45 W 0.9 C ± 5 %
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